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“Everyone has inside him a piece of good news.” ~ Anne Frank

 Do you love books? Me, too. I fell in love with stories long before I could read or write. On the day I was old enough to have my very own library card, I felt as if I’d been given a magic wand. Abracadabra! The world around me fell away as books transported me into places I’d never dreamed of. Many years have passed, and now I write my own books. Books for women, about women. Women suddenly wrenched out of happily-ever-after worlds they assumed were promised them. But life doesn’t guarantee any of us fairy tale endings. I hope that the women you meet in my books help you navigate your own world, and provide you with a piece or two of good news to carry away long after you read the final page. Happy Reading.

Never Say No to a Therapist

Never Say No to a Therapist

WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY HUSBAND ABOUT THE ART OF PERSEVERANCE April 1, 2004 … April Fool's Day. The joke was on me, blithely tripping my way through life, assuming my happily-ever-after would never change. That's the day my Steve, a big steady guy, my hero-husband...

My Name is Kathleen and I am a Fatty

My Name is Kathleen and I am a Fatty

Ever wake up in the morning, dreading the thought of having to face a brand new day? I know the feeling. I lived that way for years. I’d wake up and burrow under the blankets, dreading the thought of climbing out of bed, having to face a brand new day and a closet...

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