Author Kathleen Irene Paterka resting her hands on a stack of her books
“Everyone has inside him
a piece of good news.” ~ Anne Frank

Do you love books? Me, too. I fell in love with stories long before I could read or write. On the day I was old enough to have my very own library card, I felt as if I’d been given a magic wand. Abracadabra! The world around me fell away as books transported me into places I’d never dreamed of. Many years have passed, and now I write my own books. Books for women, about women. Women suddenly wrenched out of happily-ever-after worlds they assumed were promised them. But life doesn’t guarantee any of us fairy tale endings. I hope that the women you meet in my books help you navigate your own world, and provide you with a piece or two of good news to carry away long after you read the final page. Happy Reading.

3D Standing Book Cover for Saturday Night Sisters


Are some secrets to shameful to share?

Mary Anne, Margaret, Naomi, and Pats have been sharing their lives and secrets with each other for more than sixty years. Best friends since their school days at St. Elizabeth Academy, their monthly Saturday night dinners together are sacred, with everything served up for discussion.

But do they really know each other as well as they think?  A closet alcoholic with a murderous grudge. A political candidate threatened by scandal. A DNA test with devastating results. A dissatisfied wife involved in an internet romance.

As the past, present and future collide with tragic consequences, each woman finds her closest friendships suddenly put to the test. When it comes to sharing our deepest darkest secrets, how much of the truth are we willing to admit? How high are the walls we build around our hearts to protect ourselves from being judged…by family, ourselves, and even our closest friends? Are some secrets too sacred—or shameful—to share?

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